giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

La proprietà intellettuale è cosa seria: se dovete farvi il "personal statement", scrivetevelo da soli!

The X School of Music is my ideal of musical academic institution, for its high standards of performance, its philosophy, its history and its prestigious teachers.
X is one of the greatest music schools in the U.S. and the music for it, in cultural affairs, has a place of respect, and that for me, an Italian musician accustomed to seeing downgraded the role of musical culture in his country (despite the big Italian musical history), is really special.
I strongly believe in the vital function of music in society at all levels and all ages, and this led me to organize various musical events in South of Italy, to embroil ordinary people in what to me is a necessity existential.
Even when I taught piano to children I tried to convey to them my passion because children are the audience of the concerts of the future.
I think that music should live among the other Arts because everything can affect what's around, and I did some multisensory experiences collaborating with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Y (Sicily, Italy) and involving an audience often stranger to this sort of performances.
For me, music is a profession and a life style, and X will have a huge weight in both these things, so, I hope to take from your school, but also give it a lot.
Although I already had a good and lasting experience of studying abroad (in Z), I am sure that this will be different, because now I am more mature and motivated, and I would be honored to become part of the variety of students that a school, great as your, can claim in its community.
I love my culture and I am happy that I have received training in Italy, specially by Z, but at this point in my life, my curiosity and my desire for knowledge drive me to try new experiences in a country that has always fascinated me, since I read the flattering words that Italian writers Elio Vittorini and Cesare Pavese wrote about it.
I'm a very active person with strong will and sense of duty for any things that I love to do: study at the X School for me would be a goal for my training and a starting point for my career because I am enough “hungry” and “foolish”!

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